Drain Cleaning and Clearing

Get swift relief from clogged drains with our professional drain cleaning services. Give us a call to schedule a service!

Efficient Drain cleaning in Casa Grande and Pinal County

Clogs in your drains? Our drain cleaning and clearing focuses on swiftly and effectively clearing away blockages using specialized tools and chemicals. Whether it’s a minor kitchen sink issue or a major sewer line backup, count on us to restore proper water flow and prevent potential damage to your property.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Our sewer camera inspections provide comprehensive insights into the inner workings of your plumbing system without the need for excavation. We navigate a small camera through your sewer pipes, allowing us to visualize any issues such as blockages, damages, or deterioration. This thorough examination enables us to pinpoint plumbing clog problems quickly and accurately, allowing the customer to make an informed decision about necessary repairs or maintenance.

how to avoid clogs in toilets and drains

What is safe to go down the drain? To prevent clogs and maintain a smoothly running plumbing system, it’s essential to adopt a few simple habits.

First, be mindful of what goes down your drains. Avoid pouring grease, oil, or coffee grounds down the kitchen sink, as these can solidify and create blockages. Similarly, in the bathroom, dispose of hair, dental floss, and other debris in the trash rather than flushing them down the toilet or sink. Installing drain guards or strainers can help catch larger particles before they enter your pipes.

Regularly flushing drains with hot water can also help loosen buildup and keep them clear. Finally, scheduling periodic professional drain cleaning services, like those offered by Copperhead Plumbing Services, can remove any accumulated debris and prevent clogs before they occur. By incorporating these practices into your household routine, you can enjoy a clog-free plumbing system and avoid costly repairs down the line.

Why choose copperhead plumbing services for drain cleaning?

When it comes to unclogging drains and checking for clogs, Copperhead Plumbing Services stands out for dedication to thoroughness and accuracy. With years of experience in the field, we utilize the latest technology to conduct detailed assessments of your sewer pipes. By identifying issues such as blockages, damages, or deterioration early on, we help you avoid costly repairs and potential disruptions to your home. Serving the plumbing needs for homeowners in Casa Grande and throughout Pinal County, we understand the importance of reliable plumbing solutions. Trust us to provide precise diagnoses and actionable insights, ensuring your peace of mind and the long-term health of your plumbing system.

9 reasons for clogged pipes and how to avoid them

  1. Hair Buildup: Hair is a common culprit for clogged drains, especially in showers and bathroom sinks. Over time, hair can accumulate and combine with soap scum, leading to stubborn blockages.
  2. Food Waste: Food particles and grease can accumulate in kitchen drains, causing blockages and unpleasant odors. Avoid pouring cooking oil and grease down the drain, and use a sink strainer to catch food scraps.
  3. Soap Scum: Soap residue can build up in bathroom drains, particularly in showers and tubs. This sticky substance can trap other debris and contribute to clogs over time.
  4. Toilet Paper and Hygiene Products: Flushing excessive toilet paper or non-flushable items like wipes and feminine hygiene products can lead to clogged toilets and sewer lines. Stick to flushing only toilet paper and waste to prevent blockages.
  5. Tree Roots: Tree roots can infiltrate sewer lines underground, causing significant blockages and damage. Regular sewer camera inspections can help detect root intrusion early on before it leads to more extensive issues.
  6. Mineral Deposits: Hard water can leave behind mineral deposits in pipes, restricting water flow and contributing to clogs. Installing a water softener can help prevent mineral buildup and prolong the life of your plumbing system.
  7. Foreign Objects: Accidentally dropping items like jewelry, toys, or small objects down drains can result in blockages. Be mindful of what you’re putting down your drains to avoid potential clogs.
  8. Collapsed Pipes: In older homes or properties with aging infrastructure, pipes can deteriorate and collapse, leading to severe blockages and backups. Regular maintenance and inspections can help identify and address deteriorating pipes before they cause major issues.

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Monica W.
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This is our second time calling Copperhead Plumbing. Chris installed 3 new faucets that were decayed from hard water. We’re pleased with their professionalism, honesty and pricing. Support this small business and family.
Megan P.
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Chris is knowledgeable and hardworking. He has fixed many things in our new house. My husband and I will continue to hire him and refer him to friends and family. Highly recommended Chris for all our plumbing needs!
Shawn B.
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Chris was great! Arrived when he said he would. Listened to my issues and told me his plan to resolve them. Kept me informed at all times. Will hire again next time my kid flushes some toys or for any other plumbing needs.
Joleen M.
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Chris did the plumbing to convert my tub into a shower and replaced the outside main water valve to the house. He did an excellent job! He was very nice and knowledgeable, and provided a very detailed quote so I knew exactly what I was getting and paying for. He also recommended some tools for another project I’m working on that worked out great. 10/10 would absolutely recommend his services.
Tyler B.
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Fantastic service! We had a leak spring over a holiday weekend and they still came out right away. The repairs were quick and efficient. Both the rep and serviceman were extremely kind and gracious. Can't recommend enough!
Sandi L.
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We are remodeling our bathroom and Chris was recommended to us and couldn’t have been more happy with the outcome. Chris is very knowledgeable and explained every step that was taken. His work ethic is impeccable. He was always on time and very reasonable on price. I recommend Copperhead Plumbing 100% plus. Good Luck Chloe and Chris!

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